A little bit about me

Great news! I just graduated!! But please don't mistake that with a lack of experience. I've been working throughout my undergraduate degree and made it a point to work on things that matter. I guess you could say that I've spent my personal, professional, and academic career doing absolutely whatever the heck I've wanted. This has allowed me to chase and develop my passions through some pretty cool projects.
I am looking for full time positions that combine my passions and expertise in design, engineering. user research, data, being the absolute baddest, and management.

Some Things I've Done


Some cool people talk about things I do sometimes.
Sometimes I do some of the talking in cool places.



Blogs and Other Media

April 2021
UC Berkeley Arts + Design: Made at Berkeley; Shotline

It's like a real life print book made out of tree paper, looks just like a website, completely wild

April 2021


Model-based Formalization of the Autonomy-to-Human Perception Hand-off. UC Berkeley Technical Report.

Yash Pant, Bala Kumaravel, Ameesh Shah, Erin Kraemer, Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte, Kshitij Kulkarni, Bjoern Hartmann, Sanjit A. Seshia